Every day thousands of motorists pass by countless history markers and say to themselves, "One of these days I'm going to stop and read that."


Well, that day has arrived...


On Drive By History (now in its 3rd season, debuting Fall 2018), host Ken Magos doesn't just stop and read those signs, he delves deeper into these histories with the help of staff historian Anthony Bernard, uncovering rare details about these unique locations, individuals, and events.


What will you see this season?


From the crossroads of the American Revolution and the legend of Mollie Pitcher, to the Garden State’s connection to Aaron Burr, the legacy of suffragist and social activist Alice Paul, and a natural rock formation used by Native Tribes more than 3,000 years ago—we investigate stories just waiting to be rediscovered in our own backyards.


What's New for Season 3?


  • Expanded coverage to include the tri-state region, so you'll see some histories for the first time that extend beyond NJ's borders.


  • Some familiar—and famous!—faces taking on guest co-hosting duties for select episodes, all of whom share our passion for local history.


  • An emphasis on some of the under-represented narratives that played major roles in our region's history.


  • An entire episode dedicated to NJ's contributions to the US effort during World War I, debuting during the centennial anniversary year of the war's conclusion.


We think Season 3 is our most exciting to date—watch for new episodes in 2018!