Episode 1.01:  Milling Around Millburn (Millburn/Short Hills) & The Shore's Grand Hotels (Long Branch)

Discover how more than one 19th century businessman recognized the natural landscape and water cascading down the Short Hills into Millburn could bring tremendous prosperity to this area. Then learn how a single visit from a controversial First Lady of the United States transformed the fortunes of Long Branch on the Jersey Shore for years to come.

Episode 1.02:  Washington's Conference on Horseback  (Kingston) & Artist Asher Brown Durand (Maplewood)

Discover the momentous developments that happened in the Kingston/South Brunswick area during the Revolutionary War and how their impact is still felt today.  Then meet Asher Brown Durand, a world famous artist during the 19th century who was born in Maplewood and nearly lost to history.

Episode 1.03:  Seeing Eye Inc. (Morristown) & Tory Corner (West Orange)

Learn how a keen interest in dogs and an impassioned plea from a daring young man sparked an idea that blossomed in Morristown and later changed the lives of millions. Then learn who gathered at Tory Corner in 18th century West Orange. Why were they convinced that Ben Franklin and independence from England would ruin our nation?

Episode 1.04:  The Birth of America's Film Industry (Fort Lee) & The Rose City (Madison)

A living snapshot of show business history, explore Fort Lee’s silent film era and visit the one location immortalized on film that remains unchanged from that glamorous time. Then discover a roadside history marker in Madison that reveals a botanical treasure and rare details about a once thriving industry.

Episode 1.05:  The Beginning of Baseball (Hoboken) & Cecil B. DeMille Gatehouse (Wayne)

Find out how an historic event in 1846 Hoboken (that probably seemed ordinary at the time) has an extraordinary impact on the lives of sports enthusiasts both then and today. Then peek inside the boyhood home of legendary director Cecil B. DeMille, and find out how his roots in Wayne influenced his historic career.

Episode 1.06:  The Caldwell Parsonage & The Battle of Connecticut Farms (Union)

Find out how Hannah Caldwell, a typical wife and mother who lived in Union at the time of the American Revolution, may have shaped the final months of the war. Then join our hosts on a ghost hunt as they partner with New Jersey Paranormal and attempt to contact Hannah’s restless spirit.